Kratom as an Alternative to Illegal Drugs

 Today Kratom is legal, at least for now. It is an herb found in the jungles of Southeast Asia, and is now becoming popular in the West especially among heroin addicts and those who use opiate pain killers, and those who are suffering pain. You can consume it by eating whole leaves, crushed leaves or swallowing dry power. The most common way of consumption is by using it as a tea by simmering the leaves in water. There are states where Kratom is being sold and the powdered form can be purchased from specialty shops and internet retailer shops.

 Where is kratom legal? Today, it is still being scrutinized by lawmakers and regulators although it is regulated as a health supplement. Importation has been banned by the FDA and it is listed in the DEA as a drug of concern but not criminal. There are some states where the substance is illegal and some states are still proposing to consider it.

 A long time ago Kratom was used in Thailand and Malaysia to help manual laborers endure the hardships of physical labor, to relieve pain and to stop severe diarrhea. It can also help relieve opium withdrawal symptoms. You must be aware of the kratom worldwide legality then.

 Kratom acts like an opiate because its active ingredients behave like the ingredients in heroin and pain pills. It can relieve pain, it helps control diarrhea, in large quantities is gives euphoric feelings and it can be addictive to users, though in milder intensity and it does not last long. Its difference with opiate is that in small doses, it has a pleasant caffeine-type buzz. There is no overdoes in its use. No significant deaths have been reported pointing to Kratom as the cause. You can also learn more about kratom by checking out the post at

 Kratom is said to have addiction potential. However the addiction is mild. Some users were said to have experienced nausea or stomach pain and vomiting. Others were reported to have had liver problems. Some researchers feel that although it is a beneficial drug, there is still little known about it. That is why much more research and studies are needed. They feel that it is still risky to take it recreationally or to treat dependence on opiates.

 Kratom is believed to have the potential to be beneficial in a medicinal sense. People who have been dependent on pain relievers have found Kratom to ease chronic pain and depression even with small daily doses. It is also being used to get off heroin or opium addiction without overdosing. And this is all something beneficial. Kratom should be further studied and embraced if it will indeed reduce harm from heroin and prescription opiates.